A very warm welcome...

Why hello cake lovers!

We are often asked what our days are like, just *how* do we manage to produce so many cakes, how do we come up with our designs and the like…so we have decided that it’s time to let you in on all those things and more! And by we…what I should say is I, or me, or Aimee to be precise!

So a little about me…

I’m Aimee *little wave*, I am 32 years old (definitely feels like 62 some days!) and I live with my partner Rich in Peel. I’m a Manx girl from good farming stock, and I’ve continued with farming in my spare time as number 1 dogsbody on the farm just up the road, most who know me know that my second love is definitely my cows!

I began my career in banking and gained experience within other areas of the finance industry. I loved what I did but I could safely say any boss I ever had would vouch for me probably being the hardest person to manage ever! I get bored easily, chat incessantly, daydream and love to be kept busy.

A little about the cakes…

It was whilst working in the finance industry that I began bringing the odd cakes to work and baking cupcakes. I got the teeniest feeling I may actually be good at it when you’d hear the ripple of excitement across the office floor if I walked in with a chocolate fudge cake in hand!

Butterfingers was born!

Things grew rapidly and within 18 months of selling that first cupcake, I found myself taking a huge leap into the unknown and handing in my notice.

Fast forward to today, almost 5 years since I left the ‘job’, and have I ever doubted my decision? Yeah once or twice! When you’ve just finished a 22 hour ‘day’, you’re ready to collapse, and then you get a narky message from a client as you haven’t replied to their message from an hour before…those times would make anyone doubt themselves! But 99% of the time it has been the best decision I have ever made! And I hope that the more I divulge to all of you guys, the more you will see the reason why I love what I do…


Cake makes people happy, cake makes me happy!


Aimee xxx

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